Airboats - Louisiana Bowfishing

Climb aboard one of our specially crafted, state-of-the-art airboats and take a nighttime excursion into Louisiana's marshland, better known as the bayou. Being in an airboat offers several advantages; besides the adrenaline rush of the ride itself, the airboat allows you to fish the more shallow pools of water that are not accessible by other types of boats. In these shallow areas, over twenty 500-Watt floodlights powered by an 8000-Watt generator illuminate the waters. This enhanced visibility affords our guests the opportunity to shoot a variety of fish indigenous to Louisiana's marshland. Most commonly, our catch consists of Redfish; however, we also shoot Black Drum and Sheepshead to name a few. Best of all, this sport is undisturbed by a season... WE BOWFISH YEAR AROUND!

Our largest boat is a 24 x 8 foot Alumitech airboat with a 496 Levitator engine and a three-blade prop. This boat is the "Cadillac" of bowfishing airboats and can accommodate eight passengers. Our smaller boat is an 18 x 8 foot Diamondback airboat with a 454 Chevrolet engine and a three-blade prop. This boat can accommodate six passengers and offers more speed and agility due to its smaller size. All boats feature re-built decks that have been customized according to Louisiana Bowfishing's specifications to add stability and space for our guests.